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Great choice for bedding. Delicate, lightweight cotton fabric with satin weave. Composition: 100% Cotton Weight: 135g/m2 Weave: Satin Shrinkage: Up to 3% Print width: approx. 157cm


Thicker cotton fabric for decorative pillows or ornaments. Suitable for skirts and wherever you need to hold a mold. Composition: 100% Cotton Weight: 270 gsm Weave: slanous Shrinkage: Up to 2% Print width: approx. 147cm

Single Jersey

Standard cotton t-shirt knit. Perfect for all kinds of blouses or bodysuits. Composition: 95% cotton, 5% elastane Weight: 210gsm Shrinkage: About 3% Print width: approx. 157cm

French Terry

Pretty thick cotton tracksuit loop. You can make sweatshirts or sweatpants. Composition: 95% cotton, 5% elastane Weight: 250g/m2 Shrinkage: About 3% Print width: approx. 147cm

Tired of watching repetitive patterns, copied design and motifs on clothes, cushions, bags and fabrics? Want to create an individual design that nobody else has? You are in a good place! With us you can order a unique print on the material, which will fully respond to your individual expectations and help you express yourself the way you want! Free yourself from imposed schemes, solutions and patterns – Create your own style by choosing a personalized print on fabric.
How to create your own design? It’s easy! Send us a photo or graphic design or have it performed. Choose the size and type of fabric to which you have to apply your imprint and order! We’ll take care of all the rest. Professional print preparation and comprehensive order fulfillment is our specialty. You can put your own motif on the pillow panel or order any yardage.

Remember that you decide what size and on which fabric your pattern will be printed. Do it in a few quick steps:


  1. Choose whether you want to order a panel or running meters with your pattern
  2. If you have selected a panel, then decide on which fabric and in what size you want to print
  3. If you have chosen running meters, decide on which fabric, your pattern is to be printed
  4. In both cases, add a file with the pattern

Requirements for the submitted file for printing: 150 dpi; RGB color space; size 1×1; jpg or tiff extension (for other specifications please contact us)

We recommend washing at temperatures up to 30°C , using a special program for delicate fabrics, preferably a detergent that is not phosphate-containing. Centrifuge at low speed (max. 400 rpm). Bleach or other aggressive whitening agents should not be used. Do not wring out material after washing.


By uploading your project you declare that you are the author or have the author’s permission to use it in this way.