FAQ-Frequently asked questions.

1. What is Krohmall?

KrohMall is a print-shop of woven and knitted fabrics. We print on your order woven fabrics and knits using pigment digital printing technology. In addition, in our offer you will find other substrates on which we print for example Polyester which is printed using sublimation, as well as UV printed PVC leather. You can order from us any pattern chosen on our website or submitted by yourself. You choose the fabric you need and what part you need, and in a few days you enjoy the fabric created only for you. In addition, on our site you will find many categories of panels, whose sizes and designs are prepared for specific purposes for example panels for drawstring backpacks or stroller inserts.

2. What does pigment printing mean?

It is the most environmentally friendly printing technology on textiles. The printing process uses only the water-based Japanese pigment inks, the pigment molecules immersed in water, and this mixture, called ink, is applied directly to the fabric by the print head. The excess water is then evaporated at a temperature of close to 200 °C and the printing is fixed and resistant to abrasion and washing under certain conditions. We do not use any harmful chemicals, we do not need to wash our substrates before printing, nor after printing, so we do not consume huge amounts of water and energy. Materials that are printed in this way are not harmful even to infants.
The pigment print is properly made of durability comparable with other printing techniques available on the market. In the testing of the equability, it receives a score of 4 or 5 on a five-stage scale.

3. How to order?

Our shop KrohMall.pl we have built in such a way that ordering is as easy as possible. We have the impression that this is a fairly innovative solution so we do not wonder any questions about it. The principle is that first we choose the size witch is category. Namely, whether we want a panel or fabric to be printed in one pattern, if the panel is what, whether on the pillow or for example. into a sleeping bag. Then in each of these categories we choose the pattern we like. When you click on a pattern, you probably have several options for the size and the substrate on which you want to print it. We can choose the number of pieces of such a pattern and add to the cart and further is already standard. If you want to print your own design, enter the appropriate menu option in the main menu and after selecting all the options add a file with a pattern and add to the cart.

3. How to take care of pigment-printed materials?

Pigment-printed materials, that is, all available on our shop made of natural fibers mostly cotton, wash it in a soft program at 30 °C without using of course bleach or other aggressive stain remover. Iron at the appropriate temperature for cotton textiles. Polyester fabrics can be washed at temperatures of up to 60 °C, while ironing the “cold” iron.

4. How much can I least order?

This question we hear quite often, because of the technology used, we could say that the least you can order a fragment of the size of the postal stamp. But in fact, there is no such amount, it may be a panel 38x38cm that is our smallest standard size but if it is necessary it can also be smaller in size. As for the so-called. fabrics is the smallest piece we have set at 0,5 of running meter.

5. Do I have to wait a long time for printing?

It depends on how you look at it. For sure longer than the material that is ready to ship and waiting on the shelf in the store but for this less than in industrial printers where you are printing other technologies. Namely, the waiting time for pigment printing is up to 7 working days from the moment of payment of the order. As for the other substrates, i.e. Polyester or PVC leather this time is up to 14 working days. Our materials we try to send as soon as possible however, the designs are printed only after receiving the order so take the time we need it.

6. How do we send orders?

We send all orders in Poland through the courier company DPD at the price of 14 PLN. We do not send orders by Polish post due to the time of delivery of such shipments and the lack of convenient service. We do not ship with payment on delivery as well, as we will only start printing after payment has been received.

7. How do I prepare my own print design?

The file with the pattern should be delivered at a resolution of not less than 150dpi and optimally 300dpi. We prefer the. tiff extension for larger or smaller .jpg files. The color space in the file should be set to RGB. If the pattern is to be repetitive and looped the necessary extension is. tiff and you should deliver a single repetition of the pattern. Save the. tiff file with LZW compression without layers.

8. Will the print colors be identical to the ones I see on my monitor?

And here we enter a topic that can be developed for several hours or even several days of lectures. The short answer can simply be such-no. But this requires, however, a brief explanation, because this “no” has so many reasons that it is worth though a few mention. Firstly, the monitor is shining and the material, each whether it is paper or textile material simply does not shine but reflects light, and already here can vary the reception of even the same theoretically identical colors. The second thing is that the monitor works in a different color space than all the printers so the colors are not converted from one space to another and it is a phenomenon acting on every pair of printer and monitor, just so it must be and has to do with The beginning of this paragraph. Thirdly, each monitor is calibrated differently and otherwise look on each monitor the same colors. Fourthly, each material differently emphases the hue, each material has a different density of weave, different brightness, another type of yarn used, etc. In this regard, the carcases are also in the same way. Fifth, the textile material is not perfectly smooth as a monitor. And so on and so on. Ignoring the differences of our brains to perceive the colors of these technological aspects and the physical properties we are not able and nobody is to eliminate, and you can only minimize their effects and this of course we do to make the colors as correspond to what we see on the monitor.

9. Can I return or replace the material?

All materials purchased in our store are printed on special order of each customer so under Polish law there is no right to return without giving a reason within 14 days from the date of purchase. Of course, it is possible to claim the goods on a general basis if the material has defects or is incompatible with the order. It is definitely worth contacting us in case of doubt and surely we will think out something.